The 14th Factory

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in creating one room of fourteen at the The room my team and I worked on is called The Crusher. The Crusher is a room with 300 customized pitchforks suspended from a grid in the ceiling. Why pitchforks? As the artist Simon Birch would say, in times of peace a pitchfork is used to till the soil and feed your family. A simple, yet important survival tool. In times of revolution, this tool becomes a survival tool of a different kind. A talisman to carry on your journey and to keep you safe in your fight against...

Each pitchfork is numbered for 300 revolutionary battles. Each color length represent the longitude and latitude of that incident. The colors themselves represent a whole other level of personal representation for Simon. Each color is related to the automobile of a person of note. Jackson Pollack, Jayne Mansfield, JKF et. Modern pop culture revolutionaries meets historical revolutions.

The process of marking, taping, painting, re taping, painting and assembling each pitchfork was intense. Our team worked together for almost ten days just preparing them. We then had professional riggers instal a grid in the wooden ceiling in this nearly 100 year old building. From there several days were spent installing each fork. The forks are varied in length from 2.5' to 13' and begin at a height of 17'. What an adventure. It's been truly gratifying to follow the progress of the build and success of the exhibit. You can follow on instagram @the14thfactory and #the14thfactory To schedule your visit and learn more about the massive exhibit here in Lincoln Heights go to

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