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Plan A 3.0

Creating the next phase of my life...Plan 3.0. I'm sure you've read articles on how different our work lives are compared to what our parents and grandparents experienced. For the older generations life usually followed a singular path. Work. Work one trade, one career with one company. Some were entrepreneurs and owned and operated their own business, some worked for others. Most women raised families and some women were career focused. There didn't seem to be the same drive to pursue happiness through multiple paths.

Now it is much more common to change work places more often, even changing the entire focus of one's career. When I was teaching at NHI a very large part of our population were "second career" types. Leaving behind less satisfying work environments to pursue work where they could be in greater charge of their future growth.

So, why "Plan A 3.0" as the title of this blog? Well, I was listening in live to the Maker conference, highlights are available here . Yesterday there was a speaker talking about making your plan A with absolutely no Plan B. No back up. Now Plan A may become Plan A 1.1 or 2.0...but, you never stop focusing on that one true goal that will bring you happiness and success. We all define those elements for ourselves. What are your definitions? Money, freedom, travel? For me it's about the freedom to create and supporting others to do so. Along with that comes a healthy dose of abundance of friends, family and finances.

Are you curious what Plan 3.0 is? Well, that is in development and with a handful of key people I will be revealing that soon enough. This site is the launching point. What were Plan A 1 and 2? Well, I started off as a photographer many moons ago. I die at the lost archives of film and slides of my youth. It is all that I wanted when I graduated from HS, to travel and photograph the world. Things didn't quite work out that way. Plan 2.0 was my culinary career. I loved cooking, the rush, the creativity the crew I worked with. Then I decided to have a family and that fell by the wayside. Plan 2....something was teaching. It was something I truly fell into, loved, but am ready to move forward from that.

Plan 3.0 will combine a lot of those past experiences and more, including my more recent work with large scale art projects. I am in a period of great transition and inspiration, I hope to bring you along with me! What are you working on? What do you wish you could be doing? What is your next Plan?

This morning I'm listening to the band that inspires me the most...The Flaming Lips. Enjoy!

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