DOT the Dog

A celebration of George and Dot at Burning Man 2018

     George's camp at Burning Man, TBC, is embarking on a new journey. In honor of our beloved friend George, TBC is building a memorial sculpture. This sculpture, Dot the Dog, will fulfill a dream that George had expressed to his campmates in 2017.


     Our process will continue to be documented here, from concept, to building and to the ultimate memorial, the burning of the project at Burning Man 2018. George's love for Dot and his time at Burning Man will live on in our hearts as we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling George's vision. 

     Dot will be represented by a twenty foot wooden sculpture. During the day participants will be welcome to leave their notes and images and walk into the base of Dot to interact vocally with the sculpture. At night Dot will light up with a beating heart, loving eyes, and a beacon like glowing red heart. 

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The Principles of DOT



A gift is given without expectation of something in return. This is, quite clearly, a gift. We are gifting a “temple for pets” so to speak. To honor those that we love and love us.


Radical Self-Reliance:

We haven’t done this before and we are figuring it out. We are utilizing our networks and resources to create the best plan and execute the plan.

Radical Self-Expression:

This is how we want to honor our camp-mate George. It will be a lot of work and it is outside of our traditional cultural norms of expression.

Communal Effort:

We are doing this as a camp. This project will need many hands, and those hands are the ones that are honoring our friend.


Civic Responsibility:

We are applying to Burning Man as an Open Fire Project and involving experienced artists to achieve best practices.


Radical Inclusion:

One imagines that all members of the camp will find ways to engage with the piece. Not only all members, but, all participants at the Burn will be welcome to interact with Dot.

Not only as a sculpture, but, also as a place to honor their beloved pets.


This is a process of crafting a unique ceremonial object with will be burned. It is the pinnacle of decommodification.



The build process, the experience of engaging the piece on the playa and, most of all, the burning of the piece will be prime examples of immediacy.



Aside from the creation and building of Dot, participants will engage the piece by contributing images and messages honoring their beloved companions. 


Leaving No Trace:

The burn process is an experiment in the Leave No Trace philosophy. We are working to design a burn plan, LNT plan and designate those roles to be able to provide the cleanest, most efficient burn possible.